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As a young child, I was a lover of the crafts. At that time, drawing was my hobby. Everything I saw, I drew. Years later, I became a self taught crocheter. I also do a little knitting, as well as many other crafts, which led me to develop this website!

About Us

The About Us page tells you all about how Handmade by Kel began.

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I began crafting at a young middle school age. During the week, in my downtime as well as weekends, I would spend all of my time drawing. I would get a coloring book and draw images I saw in there. To this very day, I still have those drawings.

I remember watching my mother crochet, but at that time, was never interested in learning. Fast forward to 15+ years later, I became interested in crocheting!! I wasn't living near my mother at the time, so with the help of YouTube videos, I learned how to do it! I've been going strong for about 9 years now, and it's been heaven. Along with crocheting, I've gotten back into drawing (check out my digital downloads), knitting, and vinyl crafts. There's so much more that I would love to learn. One of my goals with crocheting is to begin creating my own designs. I love all things craft related.

Products offered on Handmade by Kel are all handmade by me, except for the non-handmade items section. I pride myself in the quality of my work and make sure all of my customers are satisfied with their orders. Because I assure great quality, please keep in mind the processing time for each item. I use assorted yarns for different crochet projects. Materials for each will be posted with that specific piece. The art you see are pieces that I’ve made and by the artist, Ashley White. In case you didn’t know, she rocks! If you don't see anything you want or have an idea of what you would like, please Contact Us to see if we can meet your need.